World Health organization

  •  Poor/No Hand washing causes 50% of all HAIs
  • +20% hand hygiene = – 40% Healthcare Aquired Infections.

  • HAIs Costs US $33 billion in medical excess.

  • Save Life & Reduce Pain

  • HAI affects from 5% to 40% of all patients

  • Proper hand hygiene is critical in the prevention of these infections


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Hand Hygiene is acknowledged as the most effecive method of safeguarding against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) (MRSA, C Diff, etc) and food bourne illnesses (E coli O157).


An improvement of 20% in hand hygiene can lead to a reduction of 40% in HAIs (W.H.O. published finding).


HAIs cost the European Health Care sector nearly €7 billion a year & kill 90,000 patients in US hospitals with 380,000 in US care homes.(US CDC ref).


In Ireland HAIs cost the HSE millions each year and we can save an estimated €500,000 for every hospital that uses our system.