About HigenX

About HigenX Hand Hygiene Monitoring Systems.

The  system utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which records each time hygiene activity such as hand washing takes place.


The information is automatically logged (via GSM/Wifi) into our software application from any location globally and developed into management reports, thus allowing organizations to demonstrate and maintain hygiene standards and measure compliance against best practice.


Independent Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have stated that HigenX™ has led to a 300% increase in hygiene activity on a customer site.


Our Hand Hygiene Monitoring  Products Are


  • Developed with Private & Irish Government Investment

  • Experienced Partners

  • Proprietary Technology

  • Established Supply Chain

  • 100% in house  design with patent

  • 6 years Global Customer Experience

  • Flexible

  • Significant number of users in Hospitatlity and Healthcare

  • Over 3,000,000 hygiene records

About HigenX Hand Hygiene HACCP Systems.

  • Cloud Based HACCP System
  • Eliminate Paperwork & Paper
  • Fully Developed By Our Irish Team
  • Easy Use Apps